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> Report on psychological treatment performed after the war on Gaza
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تقرير تلقيته من غزة أعده صديق مسؤول بناءا على طلب من "مؤسسة أيادي الخير نحو آسيا" ROTA القطرية والتابعة ل"مؤسسة قطر" .. تم تقديم التقرير لروتا ..
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Report on psychological treatment performed after the war on Gaza Immediately, after the brutal war on Gaza and during the beginning of the first week of school that follows the stoppage of the Israeli military operations launched against the civilians in the Gaza strip in January 2009, Ministry of Education and Higher Education stared the implementation of a special program of Social and Psychological Support for all students in the Gaza strip. The program which lasted a week in all the 383 schools in the Gaza strip focused on getting rid of the negative emotions resulted after the war.
They had different activities, such as Psychodrama, drawings, sports and free arts. Second week witnessed the intervention of most of local and international associations in the Gaza strip.
The Ministry paid all efforts in facilitating, coordinating and providing full assistance to make sure that students have got the best of these programs. The different associations tried to utilize the Ministry's support to the optimum; they started to hire some of the unemployed graduates to have a role in their programs.
[color="navy"]They started also distributing sweets, school uniforms, school bags, stationery and other things for students. They also implemented some activities to help the students get rid of the negative impact the war on Gaza had on them.

Some international and local associations offered materialistic aid such as "Dubai Cares" which offered a portable school that a Turkish team set it up in Omar Ibn Alkhattab Primary School in the North of Gaza Strip. Other associations like "save the children" offered some financial aid as well as the repair of furniture, curtains and renovations of partially destroyed classrooms. Simultaneously, other association promised to rebuild the totally destroyed schools and renovate the rest.

The Islamic Relief association implemented some courses in Crisis Management. They have provided special training to teachers on Mechanism of Action Emergency and Disaster Management. That project was implemented only in 50 schools out of the 383 schools in the Gaza strip.

More efforts are to be paid in the field of training, planning and conducting actions during emergency, evacuation and disaster management, in addition to providing tools needed for implementing these plans. The Ministry wishes to draw your attention to the importance of the practical experience that all the education staff should have. Since theoretical training is insufficient, there is an urgent need for the teachers to be trained on practical school evacuation during emergency.
The training offered by "Islamic Relief" was very welcomed and appreciated by the teachers and they wished if it were implemented in all the schools in the Gaza strip.
The Union of Arab Doctors has held a short course and the Qatari Red Crescent also had a discussion meeting and promised to offer help in the future!

The schools' staffs need psychological guidance courses either by sending them abroad or by in-house workshops to be realized by professional experts.
Schools also need different electrical devices such as computers, laptops, LCDs, photo copy machines and other electrical equipment due to the great loss that was resulted during the war on Gaza.
Due to the many students' injuries and disabilities, and because many students started to use wheelchairs after they lost their legs or became either totally or partially paralyzed, schools need to be re-conformed to suit the needs of these students

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حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل

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